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Kick Off the Summer of a Lifetime with Coheed and Cambria Live in Concert

Since 2005, the CCNB Amphitheatre has served the Greenville-market with headlining performers, musicians, and bands and hosted an array of community and family-friendly events. This Saturday, CCNB Amphitheatre encourages you to be in attendance for a memorable Coheed and Cambria live show!

Coheed and Cambria is a rare band whose music is able to transcend “scenes” and effortlessly cross genres of rock - from indie to progressive, to metal and pop-punk to classic rock. The band is frequently compared to progressive, operatic rock bands of the ‘70s, ala Queen, Supertramp or Rush due to their thrilling concept albums that take you on a grand journey of sounds and often clock-in around 10 mins, but still somehow include sugary pop-laden hooks.

It’s been over two years since Coheed and Cambria’s 2015 album, The Color Before the Sun, was released as the band’s first “non-concept” album over the span of their 15-year career. The album left the sci-fi universe of “The Amory Wars” and instead focused on frontman Claudio Sanchez’s personal life, including the birth of his first child. The group’s following has grown steadily every album, partly due to their ferocious live show that brings fans to their knees with an equally expansive light show.

With the announcement of The Unheavenly Skye Tour, the volume of fans’ chatter for a new album and whether it will return to the band’s fictional concept arc will surely reach new heights. The band will be performing songs from their expansive catalog, and we can only imagine they'll pull a few new tricks from up their sleeves.

Tickets prices start at $20 and can be purchased online via We can promise you that The Unheavenly Skye Tour will start your summer the right way!

South Ridge, an extraordinary blend of comfortable and convenient apartments in Greenville, South Carolina, would like to remind our friends and neighbors of this event! Make the most out of your free time and check it out before it’s too late.

Event Time/Date:
Saturday, June 1, 2019—6:30 PM

Event Venue Location:
CCNB Amphitheatre at Heritage Park
861 Southeast Main Street
Simpsonville, South Carolina 29681

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