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Have You Ever Wanted to Meet an Astronaut? At This Special Event, You Can

Sometimes, a little distance is all you need to see things in a brand-new way. For astronaut Terry Virts, his newfound perspective was from the International Space Station (ISS), where he installed the Cupola module, granting an unprecedented 360-degree view from the station. When he later became the commander of the ISS, he made good use of the Cupola, taking more photographs than any astronaut who came before him. Now, Virts holds a special event to share his findings and reflections with the Greenville community.

Many of Virts’ images were later used in the National Geographic book View From Above and IMAX film A Beautiful Planet, but to hear Virts tell it, no photo can capture the perfect shade of blue from a sunrise viewed from outer space.

Step back, about 220 miles from Earth, and experience our planet from a new perspective. Gain a deeper understanding of our planet’s beauty, climate, and place in the universe from former International Space Station Commander Terry Virts, who took hours of video and hundreds of thousands of still images from the station’s 360 degree viewing module.

This event will feature a talk from Virts himself as well as a large-scale showing of his works. This touring event will come to Greenville on Monday, September 24th at 10:00 a.m. and will be held at the Peace Center. Tickets are available for purchase online. Students are encouraged to attend.

Community interaction is an important part of life, which is why South Ridge Apartments in Greenville, South Carolina is urging you to join in the all of the excitement at this event!

Event Time/Date:
Monday, September 24, 2018—10:00 AM

Event Venue Location:
The Peace Center
300 South Main Street
Greenville, South Carolina 29601

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